Big Night Out

Headline Act


MUSEMulti award-winning English alternative rock band MUSE are confirmed as headline act for The Big Night Out 2010.

MUSE is comprised of Matthew Bellamy (lead guitarist, vocals and pianist), Chris Wolstenholme (bassist and backing vocals) and Dominic Howard (drummer).

According to Matt, Dom, and Chris, they chose the name ‘MUSE’ because it was short and it looked good on a poster. The first they heard of the word was when someone in Teignmouth suggested that the reason for a lot of the populace becoming members of bands was due to a MUSE hovering over the town.

The fifth MUSE studio album, The Resistance, was released on September 14th 2009. Like previous MUSE albums it draws from a wide range of genres and influences, including glam rock, R&B, disco and classical. The Resistance sees the return of instrumentation previously used on Origin of Symmetry, including a church organ (Unnatural Selection) and llama toe-nails. Matt Bellamy summarised the album as having "an emphasis on rhythm and contemporary R&B at the start. Then it gets epic and strange, then it becomes contemporary classical music."


Support Bands


Rise AgainstRISE AGAINST have spent the last decade both rocking and challenging audiences with their passionate and powerful anthems.

In doing so they have become, as FasterLouder declared, "one of the great punk bands of our time".

Their fifth album, Appeal to Reason, has taken them further than ever before – to No.3 on the US charts. It is an album of "fist-pumping stridency" and "fierce, engagingly tuneful stomps" says Spin.

Their musical attack is a "heart-on-sleeve, insightful and forceful interpretation of punk." says "Grit, sincerity and energy are in abundance... a stirring set."



SaosinSAOSIN are one of the fastest-growing headliners in rock – earning main stage slots on the Vans Warped Tour.

Selling out shows in a flash and going out with heavyweights like Incubus, AFI, Avenged Sevenfold, My Chemical Romance and Taking Back Sunday. Garnering an ocean of fans who downloaded their songs from MySpace over five million times.

All before they even released their first full-length album.